Ecliptic – Artist: Thumper and Pleasure

Art of Sun Gazing – Ornamental and intentional art piece created for Sungazing that includes rhythmic Brainwave Entrainment, streaming through headphones, to enhance sensory stimulation and increase mental clarity. Ecliptic is designed to augment both the rising and setting sun. The sun is the creator of life in our solar system. In the fast changing paradigm of this new age, sun gazing is a very grounding and spiritually enriching experience. Practicing safe sungazing will promote radiant health of one’s body, mind, and spirit, while increasing their connection to the whole of the universe. The safe hours are anytime within a 1-hour window after sunrise or before sunset.

Majestic Mushroom – Artist: Napalm

Majestic Mushroom Artist: Napalm

I am in awe of mushrooms, (not just psychedelic ones) They have been a source of fire keeping, medicine and food for our ancestors. They were the first beings to come onto land and made it habitable for planets and animals alike. The spores also can survive space, so there is a chance they came from space, and we have been pollinating space with mushrooms spores for millions of years. This will pay tribute to these gracious creatures and their contribution to earth and humanity.

Unlucky 7 – Artist: Lucy

Seven foot tall number 7 – To expand upon the theme of the event, superstition. Every year as a child/teen me and a friend would break mirrors (every Friday the 13th) to see if it would give us 7 years of bad luck.

SagMan13 GifTee Project – Artist: Thaddeus

To provide every single attendee of Saguaro Man with a Gift/Souvenir GifTee to take home with them! Just picture a natural colored T Shirt with another overly intricate collage design by myself in the theme of Saguaro Man 2013 SUPERSTITION. Unlucky Seven – Artist (Lucy) – Seven foot tall number 7 – To expand upon the theme of the event, superstition.  Every year as a child/teen me and a friend would break mirrors (every Friday the 13th) to see if it would give us 7 years of bad luck.

Desecration Ladder – Artist: Mouse

A 17′ tall ladder. It will have platforms at 5′ and 12′ underneath between rungs that you can climb up to sit and hang out or check out the view. My goal is to encourage people to walk under the ladder, because I think superstitions are silly and I want to push boundaries! Participants will be able to climb on the ladder and hang out, dance, sleep, whatever their hearts desire.

Burner Guidestones – Artist: Distracto

The Burner Guide Stones was inspired by a large granite work known as the Georgia Guide Stones. Routed into the individual stones will be the 10 burner principles, in eight different languages. Capping the stones it will say in 4 different languages, “Let these be Guide Stones to an age of Peace.”

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Incindar – Artist: Diesel, Zac, Matt, Cindy, Chanse

Many of the folks in our camp are big fire enthusiasts.  We have often chatted about its ability to bring people together and the energy it creates.  We discussed and agreed that its about time we make an attempt at making fire art. So are doing our first effigy type bon fire style art.  .Our goal is to provide a memorable artistic experience as a gift to community folks.

Burner Kali – Artist: Heathen John

Burner Kali will be an 8 foot tall sculpture made of metal and burnable materials based on the Hindu goddess Kali. The sculpture has 3 distinct sides (and some will notice a 4th view). There are 3 legs, 6 arms, a head with 3 faces, and an additional head that one of the feet rests on. One foot will be resting on a head on the ground. The head on the ground will be looking forward. This is the 4th view that some will notice. The best way to get an idea of the piece is to view the images of the prototype: – several parts of the sculpture will be created by others in the Burner community. All 6 hands will be holding various objects, there are necklaces, belts, and other adornments.